My wife Pam has a lot of good ideas and I listen to her …that is if I’m not in Tahiti or thinking about….well… I can’t remember what I’m thinking about…that changes about every nanosecond. We were sitting out on the front porch this morning having a nice coffee and conversation when out of the blue she said, “You should have a blog so your Facebook posts aren’t so offensive. Did I hear right… offensive!!!…WHAT!!!!! What are you talking about? Oh boy…I got your “offense” right here….TO THE MOON, ALICE!!!!! I calmed down just a little….(very little) and she continued. “When you write your posts they’re usually way too long for a simple Facebook post and people don’t like that. They just want a few lines and maybe a picture or two, but they don’t need a doctoral thesis.” Well I tell ya…right then and there I had to put my foot down on the matter and tell her a thing or two…you betcha…so I said,….. Okay, honey”…and that’s why I’m writing this first blog post. I haven’t figured out how I post the notice of my blog, but just give me a few more days and I’ll figure that out. (Pam knows how to figure out stuff like that)

Here are my simple rules for this site:

I want this blog to be like my home, an inviting, loving and caring place where people feel welcome, that the words I and those that reply would be as a bouquet of flowers, full of loveliness and a beautiful fragrance. I want to write things that ask questions, speak of family and friends, are funny sometimes, hearken memories and show mercy. My hope is that respondents desire to share and build up their ideas without tearing down those with whom they disagree. Go somewhere else to do that, but not here. I’m not burying my head in the sand, I’m extremely curious and love hearing how people process their thinking.

May this be a place where people feel safe regardless of their disposition spiritually, politically or otherwise. There is so much anger, malevolence and turmoil in our society that is is slowly becoming the fabric and marrow of this country. I pray this insignificant blog can be a respite and balm from all the noise of “being right”.

And as always…..Cheers!!! (”Offensive?…………….SHEESH’)

19 thoughts on “WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT, ALFIE?

  1. I love blogs! My daughter does one and I have thought of blogging just for diary sake. Maybe someday someone would read it out of boredom. You are a great writer and that along with your kind heart and spirit will make a great a blog. Blog on brother!

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  2. I love this idea, Greg. I hope it works out that all of the people who love will love each other too. I had a sweet event over the weekend. My wife, Cindy, is on a mission trip in Uganda. I was at an Evangelical conference singing and worshiping in D.C. over the long weekend and an elderly friend was staying at our condo to dog-sit. I got an alert on my phone that the temperature in my house was over 80 degrees and found out from the dog-sitter that the air had gone out. Brentwood is lovely but it can also get very hot, and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but there is no OCEAN BREEZE here (as there is everywhere else I have lived). Friday afternoon of a long holiday weekend. Naturally it is impossible to get a repair-person out to fix it. By now the indoor temp is 87 and my little old lady has opened every door and window to try to cool the place down. Do I have to fly home? Can I find someone to drive my friend and the dogs to a motel that accepts dogs? Can I reach a kennel for her to take them to so that she can go back to the room where she lives? Then I get a text from her. The next door neighbor has seen all the doors and windows open and and guessed what had happened. He got a window air conditioner that he had used when their air went out (all of our condos were built 6 years ago and apparently 4 of our neighbor had already had to replace their air conditioners). He lugged it over and installed it in our condo for her.

    I just love the idea that these are the kind of neighbors we have. I miss the ocean breezes, but for the first time since I moved here two years ago, I felt like I had a home.

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  3. Love the recording of the theme from “Alfie”. So tender. Excited for you and your readers that we will all continue on this transparency journey you are on. I find the blog writing to be so therapeutic. Thanks, Pam — you’re the best!

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  4. If anyone is right (and ripe?) for authoring a blog, it’s you, Greg. (Though I never found your posts offensive.) This’ll make it easier to find your words of wisdom in one spot. So blog away, my friend—always good to ponder your take on things!

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  5. Greg, I love Pam’s idea of you having a blog. Your words offensive on your Facebook posts – never. Your words are like music from heaven. They submurse my thoughts into a beautiful world of peace and kindness.

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  6. Greg, Go onto FB to the site I Grew Up In Bismarck. I think you would enjoy reading some of the memories and fondly remember times and places.😊


  7. Excellent stuff that you’re thinking about! More, please?! Pam was really on to something with her inspired suggestion. Thanks to both of you for being just who you are. And the Norwegian element doesn’t hurt either! Love you guys.

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  8. I share Pam’s thinking on this, at least that you should be writing a blog! Almost through your book and I’d love to read more of that from you!

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