Jesus said we would always have the poor with us. He rightly understood our true nature, and He certainly understood the inclination of my heart. I’ve been thinking about the joys of our trip to Italy and our unfettered comfort back home here in Franklin. It is both wonderful and troubling. 
Pam and I have been talking a lot about it. I guess if we can spend the money for this trip and our everyday creature comforts, we can spend the same amount for the basic necessities for those not so fortunate. Oh yes, we’ll give to the needy (just as long as it doesn’t mess with our financial comfort). But if we can spend 10 days in Italy, we can surely spend at least ten days working for the betterment of others. Oh sure, we do little things throughout the year sending money for good causes or helping in little ways…but we could surely do much more. There are so many commercials about spending money to be more attractive to others, having the right car and products for all the things the marketers say we deserve. But at the end of it all ….when I reach real deep….it leaves me empty. 
As Pam and I take a hard look at ourselves, we realize that we have got to do more than just talk and be grateful for our comfort. It’s gotta be go time for us. Isn’t it funny, but we know we’ll be so much the richer for it…not because we want to feel good about ourselves…but because we can, in our little way, affect the lives of precious people outside our per view. No matter the cliché, we do have the ability to make this world an even better place.

(As I write this, I am not looking for encouragement…it’s just that I want to spend as much time getting better at being a human being as I do playing my cello, and writing music…..and there’s a long road ahead.)

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