I’ve said many times that complicated things are just too complicated for me. Lately I’ve hit a spell of being overwhelmed with life and all it’s stuff. It’s a combination of wanting to tell everyone I know that I love them and care about them, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to call, email or write individual Facebook posts to let them know how I feel. Then there’s the world and political turmoil in a mix with friends who are sick or going through great difficulty. The daily schedule of appointments, tending to my family and trying to be a good husband also adds to the flood. I’m really not a melancholy sorta guy, but I just hit this little period of mental overload. It’s not depression, but just too much obsessive compulsive in me for the time being.
It finally dawned on me that I could do something about it. I don’t want to go all spiritual on you but I had to say to myself…….STOP!!!!! BREATHE. LISTEN.
Well what do I listen to. Listening to myself trying to sort things out hasn’t been working all that well for me, so as a last resort, I thought a little prayer and being quiet so that God could get a word in edgewise might be prudent. Don’t get me wrong, Pam and I are fervent in our prayers for the needs of others, but I realized that I need to pray for myself as well. I hadn’t been too good in that category lately.
Miracle of miracles, after a little time of tranquility with God….my inner turmoil began to dissapate. The realities of life continued, but after taking a deep breath, this tension released it’s stranglehold on me. Isn’t it funny that more often than not, I choose the most effective way of taking care of a problem as a LAST option. Why is it that I’m more prone to just “wonder” about things? Even more tragically, just after a little “quietness”… It becomes apparent how little I am actually in touch with what God is doing. When am I going to learn?
Now for my unbelieving friends, I’m not preaching…I’m talking to myself. I don’t like people preaching to me…I mentally move away from them when that happens. I tend to move toward people when I think they REALLY care about me, and not merely their opinion. Peace to all my friends. You are all resting warmly in my heart and your joy is important to me. Cheers!!!!

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