Well we’re off today to take Pam for her eye surgery. The surgery is related to her Graves’ disease. We kind of got a laugh this morning talking about all the surgeries we’ve had. Her thyroid is at St. Thomas, my prostate is at Vanderbilt downtown Nashville, my appendix and her cataracts are at Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, and both of us have our tonsils and adenoids left over at hospitals in Bismarck, North Dakota. 
in those days, hospitals had different names then they do today and they were divided along theological lines. She had her surgery at Saint Alexis Hospital, which was Catholic and mine at Bismarck Hospital, which was Protestant…. oh my Lord. What could be worse. God forbid that I might be treated by a Catholic and even worse…she would be ministered to by a Protestant physician. (I’m sure these were the very same concerns passengers were wrestling with as they frantically grappled for lifeboats as the Titanic was sinking). 
I’m not sure but they might even create special punishments for this…like for the Baptists, holding you down extra long when you’re getting baptized or not being allowed to eat any fruit filled green OR red Jell-O at church potlucks or worse…being barred from Wednesday night service..😵
And I don’t want to think about the number of Hail Mary’s you’d get for this “sin of commission” (Venial… but very possibly bordering on mortal). I’m sure you’d get carpal tunnel syndrome from the extra rosary time they’d administer. Can you even imagine!!!!….😱
Whatever….Pam and I have surmised that with all our “parts” scattered to the “utter” ends of the earth …we are both what you’d call…. “widely known”…. and no smart remarks….😎

One thought on “SCATTERED PARTS

  1. Gordon and I were talking about all our surgeries one day and we decided we are like some of the chickens you see in the store. “Parts Missing”


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