The following is just my opinion. I don’t speak “ex cathedra”. Please, no political or hateful posting.
I read a Facebook post the other day and I thought the line of thought was quite good, but as the post went on, it became uglier and sarcastic, and left me empty and thinking. There was an obvious self-admiration the writer had about their ability to be cynical, and said as much. To make things worse, the chorus of respondents highly complimented this manner of expression.
I thought to myself, what’s really going on here…who is this benefitting…. who is this elevating? Why does this make me feel….not good. It was denigrating and demeaning, yet viewed as a brilliant strategic tact by some. I could be wrong here, but to me it only served one individual…the one posting. The words being used displayed a neediness to showcase intelligence and quick-wittedness…. but at the expense of others. It was no longer a salient perspective, but now, pointed out the stupidity of anyone who was in disagreement. Arrogance and cynicism at their core are self-serving, mean spirited, unhealthy….and in the bluster, mistakenly used to imply evidential progress and superiority. 
Do I think that there are smarter people then me…yes. Do I get things wrong….yes. Do I think that there are (in my opinion) some goofy takes on all manner of matters….yes. Can I question their sources…yes. Does that give me license to assault their “person” (intelligence, looks, where they’re from, etc)……NO. 
Having had to deal with cancer…I see the similarities. Cancer is only interested in one thing…destroying and getting what it wants, when it wants, without regard for the well being of anyone or anything. 
Arrogance, Cynicism and Sarcasm are not the children of Love or Knowledge …they are the direct descendants of Needful Significance and Pride. (And don’t confuse skepticism with these diseases.)

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