We stand in the path of a societal hurricane, and a deluge of animosity. At some point, every generation speaks the same phrase, “it has never been this bad.” The calculus of this thinking can be debated.

The looms of community, country and world opinion twill and weave threads of discord that is producing a garment of little connective warmth.  To disagree, is to invite an onslaught of venom the likes of which I have never seen. No one, no leaning is safe. Any thought or expression is in dire peril. Like a pack of wild rabid wolves.. the attack on camaraderie persists.

Amidst all the tension of disasters, wars, rumors of wars, race, immigration, politics, wages, gender, parity and health, I’m left to make a decision. Can beauty be found in the malaise? That is the question that I must answer….every day. I have a tendency to be overwhelmed by it all and it’s only the beauty around me that jars me away from the abyss. When I lose sight of it, I’m drifting, diminishing…dying.  For me, my faith bolsters my hope for resuscitation, with reminders like the one I experienced having dinner at a local restaurant with Pam the other night.

“Hi..Hi”… A little voice was speaking to me, and then a tiny hand touched my neck.  “Abby.. don’t bother the nice man.” I turned around in my booth and saw this smiling blue-eyed angel looking intently into my eyes. I said, “What’s your name?” Without missing a beat, she piped, “Abby.” I reassured her parents, “Don’t worry a bit, we have four grandchildren of our own, and your Abby reminds us of them. We like being reminded.” Any mention of kids and my wife unholsters pictures faster than Wyatt Earp could  shooting it out at the OK Corral. She showed Abby, and her mom and dad, a picture of our grandchildre, then a brief but sweet conversation ensued. In that short span, God was encouraging me.  This  two- year old’s innocence was giving me a quiet hope, and making me realize there is beauty everywhere if I look….I just need to look.

“Everything that is beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye who sees.”. (Rumi)

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