It’s that time of year again, and we’re having spring break at our house. We have a two-day sleepover with the Chipmunks. Let the games begin.

Tessa and I love to cuddle and talk when we first get up, because we are always the first ones to rise. She ambles right up to me on the couch, her soft hair scented by the shampoo from her morning bath, and this warm little presence greets me with her morning kisses. It’s all too surreal and I don’t ever want it to end. Meanwhile, Grandma and the remaining two grandchildren are still lost in their beauty sleep. We were watching curious George this morning and as we watched, Tessa popped up, “A polar bear driving a truck? WHAT?!!!!” There was a scene where this polar bear was driving a truck. The incredulity of this 6 year old caught me off guard. She made the quotation sign with her fingers and said .”AS IF”. I queried her about what she meant. She continued…”Now Poppie…How does that polar bear get a truck up on an iceberg…Think about it”. (She’s got a little “Italian” in her. That’s from her dad.). Bada Bing!!!

We always play this game called “What Animal Am I?” We get down on our hands and knees and ape some animal. The chippies are all very good at it, but when it’s my turn it doesn’t work as well. I’m an excellent thespian…that is except for the convincing part. Last night I tried to be a hummingbird, but they kept guessing a rhinoceros. The next guess was even worse. As I kept pantomiming, Tessa blurted out…”I know…. a frightened hippopotamus?” I hate that game.

Every year at this pre Easter season I give up something for Lent. This year it’s going to be helping Blythe with math for the rest of the year…did I mention she’s in fourth grade. I think Jesus would be pleased, cuz I’m lost in this new math. Come to think of it, I didn’t get math when I WAS going to school .Georgia is very bright in math and she has begun tutoring me… And with her homeschooling prowess, I think I have a real good shot at graduating from sixth grade math in about..oh…let’s say….four more years. I don’t know …it’s a gift. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but some things just come easy for me.

After playing a few matches of ping pong on our kitchen table, the girls took good care of grandma by fixing her hair, massaging her hands and painting her toenails. They’re all going for manicures this afternoon. Blythe is the ashionista and does excellent makeup, which the girls spent the majority of the evening last night having her do for them. She’s always a servant and beautiful heart. Should do standup or acting. She’s hysterical.

Every time I get together with the girls I think I get a little dumber. (If that is even possible) The kids mention something to me and I try to show my brilliance…but that doesn’t work either. So I’m talking to Georgia and she related something about bears, and asked me if I thought bears hibernate, Yes or no. Of course I said they hibernate. I know about bears, and I know they hibernate. I just love bears. One of my favorite stories is “Goldilocks and the Three Bears“ (I read that’s got pictures).

Well, Georgia informed me that bears do not hibernate. What what what..You’re way wrong? I’m arguing and telling her OK go ahead and google it…you’ll see”…”No Poppie…yOU Google it.” So I did. I hate bears.

Tomorrow grandma is teaching the girls how to play YAHTZEE, then we’re headed to see “I Can Only Imagine” at the theater. Whatever happens tomorrow, it will be another memorable day with these princesses of indefatigable mirth.

I keep telling myself, you don’t have many days like this, Greg. Don’t take it for granted….savor it….hold this time close. Soon graduated…soon possibly married….maybe great-grands. But all Pan and I are assured of…is now. Walks together in the neighborhood or Radnor Lake, making muffins for breakfast, playing games, cuddling, encouraging them in faith, reading to them or vice versa, letting them hear our story, and eager to hear theirs. Baths in our tub with bubbles maximus, wet hair, braiding hair, comfy clothes and joy unspeakable There will be difficult days to come…but with the exception of the mind thief…we will have these memories…..Yes….these heart sewn heirlooms.

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