This has been one of the most special Easter’s in recent memory for me.

I stood outside my garage door Easter morning with my cello in hand, waiting for my ride to church at 7:30. Tears came to my eyes as I listened to Matthew Ward’s beautiful rendition of “Easter Song”. As I looked across the alley to Ronn and Donna Huff‘s home….the song took on even more meaning for me. I remembered all of my friends who have moved on from this world into something much more glorious. It was one of those very special private moments ..hard to explain.

My neighbor came outside to pick up his paper from his driveway and I greeted him. He was off to church….and as he walked by…greeted me with. “Happy Easter”. I will say no more than this very specific greeting, from this particular neighbor, was an answer to prayer. I called Pam on my way to church to tell her about it.

The worship at our church was wonderful and there were two precious, very young Hispanic sisters who were baptized. When they came back to their seats in the sanctuary, they were wearing long flowing dresses, all white, and each laureled with broad, flowered headbands….angelic as they could be. The symbolism was overwhelming.

After the service was over, our beautiful Brazilian pianist, arranger, orchestrator and musical software genius came to me and wanted to have his picture taken with me. Daniel Bondaczuk and I have spent long hours together in the studio, working to secure his visa, having lunch and talking about our spiritual lives, family, and all things music. I had just played for Daniel the day before as he conducted the Messiah at his home church, which is Seventh-day Adventist. His passion and verve keeps me from ever growing old in spirit.

Well…He excitedly summoned our worship leader, Kirk Kirkland over to take the snapshot. Little did I know that he was secretly having him, along with his father, Camp Kirkland, who is the leader of the orchestra….videoing us. Daniel and his lovely wife Marjorie are having their third baby which they found out was a boy. As we stood there to take the picture, he said “I just wanted you to know… his name will be, Greg.” I couldn’t do anything but cry and hug him, cry and hug, …cry some more. Probably one of the most meaningful moments in my life. Better than any honor or award I’ve ever been given.

Pam and I finished the day with being treated to lunch by our dear friends, Dave and Cindy Roberts and Cindy‘s sweet sister, Leslie. They took us to Maggiano’s, a fabulous Italian restaurant in Nashville. It was absolutely delicious…and we laughed, visited and spoke of our love for each other.

Every part of that day held deep deep meaning. How could Christ be any more present to me.

I don’t want to come away from this day holding little more in my heart than a cheery Easter greeting, or that I came to church, or went on an Easter egg hunt, or wore a special outfit and had a good feeling. With the clear message of redemption in mind, it is now incumbent on me to go out and deliver the good news of Easter with action. Loving, caring, giving aid to the poor, disadvantaged, disenfranchised and weak. Sacrificing my comfort for the betterment of others. Being a brother to my brothers, a friend to the friendless and…respect, humility and grace to those with whom I might disagree.

This is the joy of Easter, and the resurrection. New birth….New life….And the promise of what’s to come.

One thought on “EASTER

  1. So good, Greg! Easter is more than just a new outfit or hunting for jelly bellies and Robin eggs. God is good! For some reason my phone opened up to this blog this morning. Just what I needed! Matthew’s Easter Song is one of my favorites — and aren’t those guys from North Dakota? I remember Annie Herring saying she knew she had come home when she heard her server that morning pronounce the word toast with a beautiful ‘long O’ dialect. Cheers to you, Maestro, and thanks again for your kind words this morning!! 💙🙌🏼🎶


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