Now in my seventies, I’ve had more than my share of conversations with compatriots, who in confidence have expressed feelings of being dismissed, unappreciated, angry and irremediable. Although these sentiments are understandable, I have the same thoughts on this dilemma as I do “writer’s block.”

When I retired, I retired from the rat race, I didn’t quit believing in my gifting. My gifting didn’t go anywhere. I still have it. The truth is that in my case for instance, I can no longer hear as critically as before and find myself visually impaired. I can’t really produce in the studio anymore. So what?!!! I can still write songs, blogs and books. I can be creative in other contexts.

Here’s the deal. I don’t believe in writers block. I DO believe that if I’m having difficulty, it means I’ve quit going out and engaging with people…I’ve quit noticing stuff…I’ve become isolated, not realizing that my tank is empty. Ya gotta get out there and fill up the tank…keep looking, keep believing, reading, writing and rewriting.

The younger generation does tend sometimes to dismiss the elder in the practical. As I look back, I think that if I’m honest, I was not immune to that same tendency. Young people have a lot of fiery passion, and they like doing things their own way. I totally get it. It’s the flow of life and you move in the current. I can’t fight it, so I just gotta let it work for me in this next season of the march home. Life is a series of letting go…and it’s okay.

In my later years, I have the choice to either pity myself, stay bitter, give up…or…I can encourage these young creative champions of song, artistry and production. How about giving yourself away to whomever, whenever and however. How about a little gratefulness for what you do have,….because whatever you have now…God has given you….and what He’s given you….Is enough. And if it’s not enough ….you’ll never be happy.

Thankfulness ….. That’ll clear up that elegiac rash right away!!!!


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