I’m sitting here in our great room enjoying our lighted tree and the beautiful decorations that Pam has spent so much time putting up. I was in Minnesota eating lutefisk so I can’t take any credit. She did it all.

Christmas and all the decorations have so many different meanings to people. Some see the season as a time of good cheer, goodwill toward men and peace on earth. Some don’t care a bit about Christmas and there are those who are offended by all the hoopla.

This is a picture of a dear, long-time musical friend of mine from Bismarck, North Dakota. Her name is Leslie Smith, and she passed away this week. She is a lover. She is a lover of people, of music, of those with whom she worked….and most of all, of her family, and faith in Jesus the Christ.

I say this because Leslee’s passing points out how deeply meaningful this holiday is to the Christian community. Believers around the world find their eternal hope through the birth of Jesus, His redemptive work on the cross and the Resurrection. It was in these elements that Leslee found assurance as she moved from this life to the next. And all made possible because God came to us by way of a humble, yet glorious personal encounter, one Bethlehem night.

2 thoughts on “ONE BETHLEHEM NIGHT

  1. Leslee has been in my heart lately. Yesterday we started working on ‘Peace, Peace’, which we used to play together and alternately. It reminds me so much of her. Please pray for me as I go through this season without her. It’s hard sometimes, though I know she is in a better place 💜


    1. Jeanne… having just lost my brother-in-law to ALS, praying for you and your thoughts of Leslee will be an honor. Love you, sweet girl. Have a beautiful and happy Thanksgiving….❤️


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