Our prayers change as we grow older. They change as Life’s river twists and turn, and slowly we’re flung up on the banks of the mainstream where the erosion of our flesh sets in.

I can’t hear as well as I once did. When I’m sitting in a group I try to talk, but I’m really not hearing what others are saying. I mis-hear or talk over someone who is in the middle of their thought…and I’m corrected with a chuckle or rolling of the eyes more times than not. It’s not mean spirited, but eventually for them….tiresome. So now…I just stay out of the mix. I feel isolated….momentarily alone. As for the studio and producing…no more…the page has long turned.

People are kind to me.

As a result of total blindness for a period of months earlier in my life… and macular degeneration,I’m what you call..”partially sighted.” It’s becoming more difficult to play my cello in a group because it requires that I read a chart…and I can’t blow my music up any larger. Maxed out.

I feel like a straggler, cut off from the herd, and the happiness I once had being in the orchestra with my buddies, is now quickly fading ….I know I’m going to have to let go. Life is a series of letting go.

It sounds like a forlorn lament of one hopeless…but here’s the catch. God has work for me to do…and He gives me the ability to do it. I’m joyfully pressing ahead and writing more then ever. I was born for this season. I’m not the best or worst…I don’t keep score…I just create and try to improve ….and these physical conditions are just a bump in the road homeward. For me…and for all my winter friends …THAT’S some Good News!!!

Toby Keith helped me along the way with his latest song. Don’t Let The Old Man In. Listen, and be encouraged. Cheers!!! ❤️

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