“Words have meaning. Lies have consequences.”

I’ve had to wrangle with the demon at times, no matter how how white or venial. ….To clear my head I had to spill the beans. It was awkward, humbling and painful. But when fear of what people will say rules in me, others will surely be lost in the shuffle…including myself. it’s a life raft, this honesty is. If gives my life back to me.

In “Empires Of My Mind,” Jacob Dylan sings his father’s metaphoric song about wrong and right. Here’s a couple snippets, but you should check out the entire lyric.

“There is trouble in my mind

There is dark

There is dark and there is light”

(Dylan goes on later in his address)

“There is no order

And there is chaos

And there is crime

There is no one to hold on tonite

In the empire of my mind”

We all know the drill. I’ve found in my feeble experience, that usually the strongest antagonistic voices don’t care anything about me in the first place. Moreover, I’ve found that colossal failures, mistakes, honesty and brokenness make for wonderful “long haul” friend finders.

“ No legacy is so rich as honesty.“


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