Riding on the bus through Norway has been a rich thinking time, and a wonderful chance to re-evaluate my life and make some corrections. I can’t attend to them all, but I can change bit by bit with God’s help.

I am a very positive and upbeat person most all of the time. Yet….Sometimes…but not often…I occasionally spend a little time looking inward. It could be lonesomeness, social estrangement, a feeling of being dismissed because of my age, a sense of losing what used to be or quite frankly…itsy-bitsy moments of self indulgent pity.

I thought I might write a little poem to myself to rethink this and look from a different perspective.


To you who are forgotten ones

O leave yourself just now

And wing your lonesome thoughts to those

In mirrored pain somehow

Be music on their stoney walk

Sing hopeful melodies

Then would your heart and theirs take hold

Of joy and what can be

And as you vest unselfishly

with words as soothing mist

You will find a showering

of God’s own graciousness.

Jesus said…” You are the Salt of the Earth. The Light of the World.”

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