I went to Home Depot with Pam yesterday to pick up some yard lights, Gorilla Glue and a small bag of grass seed. It was a beautiful day and I loved just strolling along with her as she got the stuff she needed.

Heading toward the checkout registers, we walked by a display of some big saws. Pam turned to me and pointed, “Would you like one of those for Christmas?” I told her I didn’t even know what a miller saw was. She went on, “ Now for sure you’re not getting one of those for Christmas, honey… it’s not a miller saw, it’s called a mitre saw.”

I hate it when she gets all passive aggressive on me like that….No matter what she says..I’ve got the handyman‘s number and Jesus in my heart. 😮

4 thoughts on “THE HANDYMAN

  1. As I once said to an arrogant attorney who was disparaging my husband because he didn’t understand something about building a house, “Have you ever written an Oratorio performed at Carnegie Hall?” He said, “No”. I said, “Then shut up!” 😆


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