I needed Easter more than ever this year as we face calamity and COVID-9.There’s been deadly tornadoes, flooding, issues with social distancing and political unrest.

I thought about it as I was walking in my neighborhood before the storms hit. There were hopeful signs along the way. I saw rocks that had been placed around our property ..with words written on them like “JOY” and “BREATHE”. I smiled… my heavy spirit was lifted.

When I got back home, I wrote this little poem about the people who are working in critical care areas. I’m so very grateful to them…and that gratitude continues as all of us march on, into the unknown.

(Ode to all health workers)

Now in present cloistered days
of unremitting limbo
Musing on this phantom strain
I look out from my window

Apollo, famed in Grecian myth
With untold healing powers
Could not lone protect the horde
Of souls in these dark hours

Yet then in turmoil’s curious path
Mid cries of fear and faith
Come the Healer’s angel band
Who face uncertain fate

With need so great for mask and gloves
And some in short supply
Still these teams of loving hands
Keep prayers of hope alive

Their well trained skills are calming fears
Jehovah in their midst
Curing minds keep pressing on
Though deadly worm persists

My heart is oh so heavy though
My senses overwhelmed
Thinking of the suffering
and precious lives in peril

I need to walk and feel the sun
then smell the fragrant flowers
Clear my head in nature’s way
For me a healing power

So this my prayer before I sleep
and through the days and weeks
Lord sustain these weary ones
and comfort those who weep

Greg Nelson
© Poppie’s Hallel

2 thoughts on “ON A WALK

  1. Wow so true, Greg. I talked a long time today to one of our older Vanderbilt patients who is positive for COVID. Her husband of 61 years was positive too, but she could not go with him when the ambulance brought him in last night. We lost him at 5:30 this morning and she could not be with him. None of her family can go in to her home to comfort her. She is in quarantine at least another 10 days. I keep calling her just to be sure she is breathing in and out and drinking water. We all feel so helpless when we’re the ones seeing all this pain. We really appreciate your prayers.


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