There is much to ponder in this time… a pandemic, tension, hunger, hatred, health problems, difficulties for those with special needs and their caregivers, people without work, parents having issues with their children, troubled marriages, fires, hurricanes, floods… and I’ve barely touched the surface. It’s really easy to get weighed down with those realities all around. So I try to give myself the chance to focus in on something simple, something for which to be grateful.

There is nothing I can compare to the precious moments I share with Pam in the morning. Coffee, plans for the day, conversational debates about the world..and prayers. But always first, she comes to me with her sweet “Good Morning”, and a kiss on the cheek. Then a loving hug while words scamper off as we hold each other through the waves of love that God has given us..
something of seasons….something to savor.


  1. I know just what you mean. Every time I get down with – everything, I remember how blessed I am to live in a loving home with a gentle Godly spouse.


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