Why is it that some men find it difficult to admit a mistake or be so reticent to apologize? One of the things I have a great problem with is misreading my wife’s expressions. I have a quick reaction if I think my wife is dismissing me. Most times she’s completely innocent and my strong response hurts her feelings. Even if it isn’t innocent (she’s allowed), I don’t need to raise my voice. I know at it’s core it’s a combination of ego, insecurity and anger. That’s a terrible mix. I don’t display that with anyone else, often showing more deference to others around me than her. It is one of my many character flaws. I try to apologize but she doesn’t think I’m really sincere. In her mind, if I was seriously remorseful, it wouldn’t ever happen again…but it does. It’s totally embarrassing to me that I would be so unkind to someone so precious to me. . Probably few have to deal with this, but this is my thorn in the flesh. We get along famously when it’s just the two of us…but if anyone else is in the mix, our mojo is disrupted and this is when the situation is more prone to occur.

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