What mystery the North Star beam

That guides on thru the night

Clearly shines it’s brilliant flame

Deep rooted in the sky

With Ursa Minor diamonds lit

Ablaze the scintillant dunes

It burns as midnight slips away

nigh soft the milken moon

Before the myths of Ancient Greece

or Adam begged a breath

Polaris sparkling pendant fired

above the firmament

Close to the north celestial pole

of all the stars to pick

It’s been the ages truest guide

For vagabonds and ships

but now some notion better ways

of finding paths preferred

No want to trust the starlit way

to navigate this earth

Though Sirius more radiant

within the heaven’s spill

Yet North Star far off distant dwarf

each year grows brighter still

this lodestar does not rise or set

and never really changes

a guarantor much safer than

some roads that I have taken

A poem by Greg Nelson

© 2020 by Poppie’s Hallel (BMI. Admin. by Amplified Administration)

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