O there are times I will escape
for just a little while
and I can muse on days that were
of war and flower child

And just by chance the other night
They had a 60s dance
remnants of some local bands
together once again

This seasoned crew thru rusted strain
recalled their glory days
and still their shake and rattle rock
Had never rolled away

They brought me back to draggin’ main
with radio blaring strong
My reckless voice sang every word
of Byrds and Beatles songs

With each verse I came of age
the titles spoke the year
in painful tunes
of love I lost
and dreams
that never were

So here’s to music memories
of puppy love
and fears
and tunes I played on
forty fives
back in the sapling years

A poem by Greg Nelson
© 2020 by Poppie’s Hallel (BMI. Admin. by Amplified Administration)

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