Two chipmunks scampered
cross the grass
and stopped to raise their head
they seemed to say
we have to run
then like two felons fled

I saw them almost every day
running for their lives
but there was no one chasing them
who sought for their demise

Digger lived for tunneling
and he could dig for hours
burrowing new entrances
and exits for his house

Each day were mounds of evidence he’d been quite hard at work
cuz dusk and dawn
are busy shifts
for chipmunks and for squirrels

Now Chip’s a full blown omnivore
not picky what he eats
finds the food for his next meal
and packs it in his cheek

Mushrooms, berries, nuts and such
and if he can some grains
but sometimes eats dead baby mice
or dines on robin’s eggs

His body holds no fat at all
he stores up all he can
to make it through the freezing months
until the worst has passed

The two of them a merry pair
were all about their work
ole Chip was always planning meals
while Digger worked the dirt

But sad one day they ran into
Chef Weasel and his snake
said he “we’re having morning brunch
and you’re the main entree”

And just like that ole Chip and Dig
became chipmunk pâté
the snake and weasel gorged themselves
and vultures cleaned their plates

So that’s the tale of Chip and Dig
with moral oh so true
don’t let a weasel plan a meal
that might include you too

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