there’s no better wonder

than the love of a pet

and the heartwarming comfort

as they nuzzle your neck


they live to be near you

right there on your lap

or lying  beside you

when you’re taking a nap


hamsters and rabbits

canaries or fish

Orpington chickens

and pot bellied pigs


they’re teachers and healers

listeners and friends

except for a parrot

not a word ever said


as you eat at the table

a vacuum wags  there

to clean up the pieces

and crumbs by your chair


puppy breath moments

so playfully young

or the lick of a kitten

with their sand paper tongue


proud geldings and stallions

show the joy that they feel

with a romp and a kick

on their green pleasured fields


a balm for depression

the doctor is in

for these faithful companions

are the  best medicine


its a loss in the family

on the day that they die

and a feeling of  sadness

that no words can describe


protectors and guardians

for paupers and kings

reminders to us

of the best life can bring


A poem by Greg Nelson

© 2021 by Poppie’s Hallel

(BMI. Admin. by Amplified Administration)

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