i think of Passover
how as a result of the plagues
you know
with frogs, locust blood on doorposts and such
God arrested the arrogance of the proud
and abased the haughtiness of the ruthless

the suffering of the Israelites was unfathomable
but then
El Shaddai rescued them

all that stuff is in Exodus
very interesting reading

i think of this as well
the hope of Easter
of the Ukrainian people
and the holocaust being waged on them

how in this life
there are no boundaries to the diabolical intent of which humans are capable
and I fear we are given over to ourselves

despite the finest socio economic solutions from brilliant political scientific and humanitarian think tanks
we remain an ever more alarming world of hostility aggression and despondency dismissing the need of any spiritual remedy whatsoever

what’s that quote
all we like sheep
or something like that

and Bruce Schneier has this right
if we think technology is going to solve our problems
we don’t understand technology
and we don’t understand our problems

so why all the hoopla this celebration of Easter
bottom line

Christians believe
that Christ
came to us
in love and justice
to address
forgive and deliver us from
whatever you want to call it

want of power
a murderous heart
bigotry and racism
wanting other people’s stuff
unbridled ego
lust of significance
or for that matter
lusting after anything other than God

religious leaders and congregants fall victim to these vices
but it doesn’t make the baby in the bath water any less relevant
it does however make a serious allegation about the propensity of our heart

and really
how did we get from the significance of a bodily resurrection
to chocolate bunnies
Easter egg hunts
gloves hats and dresses
candy baskets et al

oh just give us enough time
and we can manage to mess up most anything

now as I closer await for my E-ticket and jet pack for home
(so say the actuarial tables and my family history)
i tend to pay attention to the meaning of my life a whole lot more
i’m not that smart
and being old doesn’t help
but i do know this for myself

my belief in Christ
His work
His cross
His resurrection
is not some pipe dream

my life is replete with things that have happened to me that I cannot explain
being physically blind for many months
scarring over both eyes
then unbelievably
made well
unexplainable by my doctor

that is real
but only one example of many

these are spiritual events
and not of mortal prowess
I have seen the faithfulness of God
and understand my own fallibility

Christ is not a crutch
He is the living God

so what will I do with this Easter faith
to make this a better world
for those who suffer
for those without

will I listen
be slow to speak
and love well

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it”


  1. Yes. Easter. When did Hallmark decide that we needed a “religious” section for Easter cards???? I don’t begrudge any kid their candy Peeps and jelly beans. But isn’t it clever of us to say that we won’t have a frontal attack against the Resurrection, but only conflate it with spring and bunnies and high fructose corn syrup? On the other hand, we did have a wonderful Easter. I hope you did too.


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