I heard your mind gets a little altered
when you have covid
but not the Timothy Leary altered kind
more like losing the sense of taste and/or smell
been told it sets your brain
to wobble

well i hadn’t been feeling well
maybe grumpier than when i get grumpy

we’ve tried to be pretty careful since we’re a couple of old dogs

Pam helped me with the in home covid test
i had to twirl this long q-tip
up in my nose
five times for each nostril
it tickled and made me sneeze
and when i was done
we had to wait fifteen minutes
and then the report

i was positive
or as they say in the holler
he’s got the covia

then steadily
a lot of coughing
and with each cough
even more rawness in my throat
nose running
while at the same time
i’m all plugged up

i have a big fat headache
and i’m really tired
but tired like i’ve never been tired before

i don’t want to think about
what it would be like being in the hospital with this
especially on a ventilator
at near 74 years old
you don’t want that on your radar

i was banished to live in my studio/writing room
for the next 7 days

but as i was well into day two of the naughty strain quarantine
Pam called me from downstairs
and asked me if i want to watch a movie with her

“i can’t watch a movie with you”

“well you can now”


“cuz i’m positive too”

“you mean for covid”


well all that to say
we probably have the common garden variety strain

but i wouldn’t wish the more severe cases of this on anyone

reminds me to pray for those who face worse
ones hospitalized
or are at death’s door

it’s not fun
but for what we’re experiencing

no matter
i’m grateful

One thought on “OLD DOGS

  1. Oh I’m so sorry you guys got sick. I’m with you on the gratitude for the “usual state of good health” that we often enjoy!!

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