Right now I’m reevaluating my weight and trying to do something about it. Earlier this year I caught a good wave on a low carb diet, but around Christmas time, I gave it up for Lent and haven’t gotten back up on the board. This Low-carb program was working really good for me and much better than what I’ve done before. I think I’m going back to that one because what I’ve been reading about other diets is not very encouraging.

Just yesterday I read about the “Lest We Forget” diet program that has participants taking daily snapshots of their stomachs and sharing them at meetings. They’re saying this is a fabulous way you can use shame as an incentive. I like this one because at least you can eat anything you want..But I hear going to one of those meetings is a lot like taking a casual stroll to Golgotha.

There’s also the “You’re Gonna Die Early” program that focuses on guilt and all it’s benefits. The marketers of this program take “shoulda coulda woulda” to a whole new level. This diet has what they call the “rainbow curve“. Your day starts on an upward arc that has you happy that you’re not eating anything and telling yourself you’re doing really good. As the day wanes on and you get hungrier and hungrier…. then the arc takes a nosedive by mid afternoon and you end up eating quarts and quarts of low-carb ice cream. Nicknamed the “Type-2” diet, this is a tough program…but you do get to eat a lot of ice cream.

One that I’ve used occasionally is the “Valium Diet”. Here it’s not so much that you eat less….but you do drop a lot of your food…..😵

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