She sat there with me as I was being inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame last evening. She was by my side all night

They didn’t give her any award. Often people would come over and congratulate me…and not acknowledge her…as if she were invisible. But she stood there anyway…with me as always…caring, encouraging and supportive. I knew in advance that would probably happen, but this was not her first rodeo

I only had a three minute time frame for my remarks. I would acknowledge her, however briefly. Not possibly enough to let people know the depth of her resplendent inner glow and beauty. She’d listened countless times to me practicing my speech and helped me edit my closing which took a number of tries.

Before we left for the event, I told her that my mention of anyone would pale in comparison to my deep deep love for her. I kissed her. I held her….she smiled and told me she really appreciated that. It was a moment of warmth and love indescribable.

Pam speaks with wisdom, and teaches kindness to her children and grandchildren…and they adore her. I had no idea the incredible gift I was given when we were first married. That realization has evolved over time. It’s like approaching a lovely painting as you walk into a gallery. The closer you come to the frame….the more amazing its beauty.

She is far more precious than jewels. ❤️


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