Pam and I were having lunch at Bonefish Grill after church yesterday, and right after being seated we were met by our wait person. Her name was Erica and she had a million dollar smile, her blond hair pulled back, with light- bronzed complexion and a husky sweet voice. She took our drink order and came back with a sample of their lemonade that had a touch of ginger and mint in it. Pam thought it was too tart, but I loved it.

When she came back for our food order, Pam told her what she wanted and then she asked me next. I told her I would like the California omelette with a side of bacon. She said there was crumbled bacon in the omelette. She said this because she thought I didn’t realize there was bacon in the omelette and thought I might want to order something else for my side item. However, I didn’t hear her say there was crumbled bacon IN THE OMELETTE…I just heard the BACON WAS CRUMBLED. I learned later that Erica had clearly explained there were STRIPS OF BACON. I musta taken a quick trip to Botswana during the conversation. I do that from time to time.

So now I’m thinking, they’re going to bring me crumbled bacon on the side. That seemed bizarre and suddenly my thought process started taking on water….I just couldn’t latch on to what she was saying. As I’ve said many times before, there is no processing side to my ADHD. I just couldn’t connect. Now Erica is getting the giggles and Pam is shaking her head thinking she’s brought an untrained monkey to lunch, staring intensely at me like, “What is wrong with you.”

Befuddled, I’m looking at both of them smiling at me as they try to right my overturned brain. So, to lighten things up, I jokingly quipped, “ They generally only let me out for a day.“ Erica laughed out loud and without hesitation said, “ I think you should probably hurry back.“ At that point we all burst out laughing. She was as precious as she could be and we had a wonderful lunch. I’m thanking God for Erica.

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” (Marcel Proust )

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