It’s like a Mack truck hitting you. Outta nowhere sometimes, I feel down and immobilized. I ask myself , “Where did that come from?” I don’t understand why. (Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m fighting it. It manifests differently for everyone.)

When I have these patches, there’s absolutely no reason to be feeling this way. My life is very manageable.. great, really. I have a family that loves me, I’m extremely motivated to create, I have enough to eat and a lovely place to lay my head. But sometimes I just lose my emotional balance somehow.

There are mental conditions that go far deeper than what I’m describing, just to make that clarification. Even the simplest of days are very difficult for these precious friends who suffer. What I’m talking about is occasionally getting “down in the dumps.”

When this happens to me, I have remedies to keep going,…like praying, going for a walk, writing something, listening to a comedian or my favorite….watching a video of one or all of my four granddaughters. When I watch them, my condition dissipates. They are God’s reminder of His great love for me…and a wonderful uplifting elixir. With that…I’m more than good to go.

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