We headed out from our hotel in Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia, to the Kaslo Jazz Festival about twenty minutes away. This wonderful opportunity was at the kind invitation of our cousins, Greta and Glen Cosby from Spokane, Washington.

It is breathtaking country here, and as we drove alongside the majestic Kootenay Lake, her water sparkled against a backdrop of sleeping mountains resting in the winds of First Nation culture. This liquid blanket, like a Norwegian fjord, was lined with banners of teeming evergreens everywhere.

Whoa Nellie….Initially, that’s what Pam and I felt as we arrived at the festival. We were transported from the throes our sedate gated community in Franklin, Tennessee, to a free-spirited culture reminiscent of the 60s, with colorful quirky fashion, unusual accessories, creative hats, swimming in the lake, bare feet and attendees from babies to octogenarians. The grounds were kept extremely clean. People were very friendly, conscious of recycling any containers or trash…and the food trucks were as culturally diverse as the crowd. We intermittently caught the scent of unique smoke product we understand is indigenous to jazz and rock music festivals.

There were two alternating stages with music everywhere from Dan Brubeck, Funk bands, World Music, Bluegrass, Ani DiFranco to Harry Manx. All this, including intermittent aerial silks presentations next to the main stage and some fine dancers in the audience.

When you’re thrust outside of your day to day grasp, it is somewhat unsettling, but that has little to do with age. It is more about experiencing a different perspective, not as distant perception, but at a face to face, visceral level. In that regard, this event was far richer and more meaningful than I imagined. This doesn’t mean I’ll be wearing tie dye anytime soon…but I saw the world looking out a different window. I had many invigorating conversations with very loving people.

All 3 days were peaceful with absolutely no disturbance. This all in the wake of the bloodshed at El Paso and Dayton …and my heart was somewhere in the mix.

2 thoughts on “SOMEWHERE IN THE MIX

  1. Sort of “when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with mars…then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars” mix? Times ten? With a lotta years and 2019 issues sort of melded in somehow? A tapestry experience. Well written.


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