For my entire life I have used my ears to make a living. I was a producer of music.

Yesterday, I was watching TV…(well…as best as someone with ADHD can watch TV). I came back into the middle of a commercial, after taking a short mental rabbit trail and couldn’t believe my ears. “Like a frickin’ motor…Ford.”
I told Pam I couldn’t believe what they’re saying in commercials these days and repeated the phrase. Pam just rolled her eyes and said, “Greg, that was, a brick and mortar store!”

I am not producing recordings anymore.

One thought on “WHAT?

  1. Ugh. I know what you mean. When I go to an audiologist my hearing is fine. But when any other noise or distraction is going on, I have to lip read or I miss what’s being said. I finally got some generic hearing aids that only magnify sound. I can at least wear them in a church meeting and hear everything.


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