Okay, who changed the over under on the toilet paper roll?!!!!

We have just spent 5 enlightening days with our 3 Tennessee granddaughters. It has left me in wonderment begging the question, “where have I been all my life?”

After getting our girls ready for school (all in different schools), ready to catch their respective buses (all at different times… in the pouring rain), also preparing for “Crazy Hair Day” for our 2nd grader, making sure there was a clean uniform for LaCrosse pictures for our high school sophomore, packing lunches and then returning to the school later in the morning because one of them forgot to actually take their lunch amidst backpacks and LaCrosse sticks, Pam and I look at each other and say, “What just happened here?

And one other thing…ASMR…Have you seen these YouTube videos? Well, there’s Honey Bee, a beautiful girl who whispers into a microphone, eats stuff and says . ..”Hello… Hello… Hello… Hello… Hello….How are you guys doing today.

There’s also a very quirky Korean guy who makes funny faces and eats chicken wings in their entirety. I ask my girls what they like about ASMR, and they tell me it helps them relax and laugh.

One day I got filled in on acrylic nails and their various shapes., like Natural, Almond, Flair, Stiletto(good as a letter opener), Ballerina, French (usually white, but you can use other colors) and of course, my personal favorite…Coffin..
WHAT?! How do I know these things?…I watched two hours of “How To” videos on nails, hair and makeup, that’s how! I’m checking out Columbia State to see if there’s an extension course I could enroll in to catch me up on all that I’ve missed. With my head’s wavy wasteland, I need to stay informed on these pressing issues of style…NOT!!!

We took a beautiful hour long walk around our neighborhood. I smiled, as I remembered similar walks taken with Sarah and Ben when they were young. All of my granddaughters, including our youngest in Minnesota, are a dream come true for Pam and me. ❤️

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