In this era of entitlement and citizen kings….I’m so thankful for those who give of their time with “boots on the ground” help, aid and resources for the care of orphans, widows, abused women and their children, the dispossessed, the hungry, the addicted, and those precious who deal with difficult matters of mental health. Bless them

The government tries to help, the churches try, organizations try, but it seems an avalanche. People need to get involved…but I sense we much prefer arguing about what needs to be done than actually doing anything about it. We’re told God brings justice for the poor and food for the hungry…True dat…but here’s the rest of that deal. We have a responsibility to impart the blessings we receive to those who go without.

The ushers in some churches will periodically stand with an offering plate at the end of the service meant to help the needy. It’s called a benevolence offering. As I walk out, I put in the cash from my wallet…but that’s generally little more then a pittance. Though it makes me feel good about myself…I’ve really given very little. I wonder what giving actually means …like if it doesn’t cost anything …or seems little more than duty…I’m not sure what you call that.

I’m ripe with guilt thinking I don’t do enough…but I’m quick to administer my own personal absolution..and then I’m off to my next thought.

but the poor are still in need
the homeless still untethered
the orphan still hoping someone cares
the battered still wounded
the addict still hitting bottom
the widow still lonely
the hungry still suffering
so there’s plenty of pain to go around

and then the proclamation so predictable
“well we can’t do anything about that”….”What’s for lunch?”

And then it’s Sunday again

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