Carnival of the Animals

by Camille Saint-Saëns

is a musical portrait

of animal sounds

elephants and lions

the weak and the strong

creatures with long ears

and a beautiful swan


aviary birdsongs

aquariums and fish

swimming in dreams

like the dreams we all wish

and fossils the memories

of days long before

with a  pianist who’s playing

a most apropos score

there are hens and a rooster

with fluttering sounds

and the tortoise at home

as he ambles about

is it closer to humans

then what we may think

and the more that I ponder

comes a smile and a wink


I have a crazy old uncle

and our stubborn aunt Mae

it’s the sound of a cuckoo

and a donkey’s loud bray

but I guess we’re the carnival

in some kinda way

each one of us different

on public display


oh this glorious planet

is special to me

whether mammals or mountains

deserts or seas

there’s high constellations

whose zodiac signs

pose animals roaming

on cool moonlit nights

Columba and Hydra

a snake and a dove

Taurus the bull

floating high up above

menagerie magic

round stars heaven deep

is beauty so stunning

it’s hard to believe


 no price for the priceless

no way to describe

this spectacular wonder

of human delight

and our dear children watch

how we tend in the breach

it’s the world we’ll hand over

and legacy we leave



A poem by Greg Nelson

© 2021 by Poppie’s Hallel

(BMI. Admin. by Amplified Administration)


2 thoughts on “THE CARNIVAL

  1. I love San Saëns at Christmas. When we auditioned at Azusa Pacific, a million years ago, we were singing our own songs on guitar when the choir director said that wasn’t real singing, so we launched into the “My Soul Doth Magnify” trio from his Christmas Oratorio – and at the time I could actually jump an octave and a third to hit those notes. We all got scholarships so I’ve always been grateful to him. Grateful to you too. Thank you for keeping me on your list 😘. Merry Holy Days.


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