I was thinking in these birthing days of 2022, to hold fast to gratefulness for my friends. Friendships are expensive and they take effort. I’ve found that I can’t be equally diligent to everyone of them, because of time and proximity.

I have been through blindness, cancer, some accomplishment and some failures. But God has put friends and family around me through all of it. I wrote this today in gratitude…and also to remind myself, as each one of you floods through my mind and my heart.


there’ve been seasons for me
when my world doubled down
and the trouble I faced
left my life bleeding out

but in my distress
some friends came along
who listened a lot
and cared to reach out

not on a white horse
as I had once hoped
but on wings of a prayer
at the end of my rope

some were new friends
or from years long ago
now here at a time
when I felt most alone

comforting me
they kept standing somehow
there in the breach
loving me through it all

in my struggles and fears
or through sorrows and want
they were shoulders of strength
that I could lean on

far more than rare books
or art that enthralls
these merciful ones
are most treasured of all

for their generous care
and the love it begets
these special dear friends
I will never forget

A poem by Greg Nelson
© 2021 by Poppie’s Hallel
(BMI. Admin. by Amplified laAdministration)

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