Cluttered lives and lengthy prayers
busy noisy streets
Then mid the scream to realize
I want simplicity
a loving smile with tender touch
a tear from what I’ve read
the beauty of a new day dawn
or watch a sun that sets

To seek essential facts of life
that teach us simple truths
we need escape the raucous roar
in woods of solitude
with this Thoreau came reckoning
and anchored hope in him
that he not find before he died
he had not truly lived

Our mortal spooling can’t recoil
the silence that we miss
if failed to poke a wooded fire
we lose what life can give
the footprints of a baby’s feet
and lockets of their hair
the best of memories that we keep
or cares of heart we share

Better than the grandeur be
and better too than gold
these simple pleasures ever here
stand ready to unfold
the unseen work of rich or poor
as servants who invest
find mercy renders so much more
for both are doubly blessed

A sovereign God who tends to us
and gifts the air we breathe
lends water if we care for it
enough is all we need
a nesting bird a morning walk
the sky and stars at night
so much to take for granted here
these simple things of life

A poem by Greg Nelson
© 2021 by Poppie’s Hallel BMI (Admin. by Amplified Administration)

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