This sweet bairn named Lillibet
Was pure and carefree
She lived in a world
Made of castles and kings
A Corgi named Dookie
Was her favorite pet
And she also loved riding
On a pony named Peg

But her father King George
passed away suddenly
And the people were singing
God Save The Queen
And at her coronation
Took serious God’s vows
Felt the weight of her crown
Yet never wavered at all

Well that’s when i met her
And then ever since
I’ve had long distance history
With the queen and her prince
Elizabeth reigned
Over commonwealth realms
Not a fairy book tale
That pretenders would tell

Throughout her long life
her duty remained
A watch tower of England
The Defender of Faith
Near seventy years
Every world leader known
Shook her regal right hand
Some were tyrants some popes

Each night of her life
She kneeled by her bed
And prayed for her charge
Facing challenging ends
As well her own family
Disasters and war
And held to her faith
As ever before

She weaved through the changes
In culture and trends
Constantly working
Strong to the end
Her wave with a smile
and always the purse
Served her whole life
On a dutiful course

She left old Balmoral
And Buckingham then
Onto Westminster Hall
Finally Windsor to rest
At home with the angels
with saints by her side
There a crown of rejoicing
And the great crown of life

In the morrow the mourners
Will arrive to attend
a stirring memorial
of a life so well lived
But that celebration
could never compare
to the glory in heaven
When God welcomed her there

A poem by Greg Nelson
© 2022 by Poppie’s Hallel
(BMI. Admin. by Amplified Administration)

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