I was thinking today about people whose lives have not turned out in the way they expected, and they struggle now. Thinking about them is nice, but being present with them, giving them aid or praying for them… even better.


O weary heart
turn this aching to verse
For my life has been sudden
And so unrehearsed

We were children of springtime
but those bright days rushed by
into summers of family
and the labor of time

Watermelon sweetness
tomatoes and squash
saw the queer charm of seasons
bring a change of the guard

Now with unshirted arms
of autumn’s bare branch
life jigs in the fog
of a days gone by dance

Winter is coming
don’t know what will be
but on cold lonely nights
O God comfort me
yes on cold lonely nights
O God comfort me

A poem by Greg Nelson
© 2022 by Poppie’s Hallel
(BMI. Admin. by Amplified Administration)

(Photo by Marc Bruxelle)

One thought on “COLD LONELY NIGHTS

  1. I thought about this when reading about the Israelites-to-be crossing the Jordan and occupying the land. Such victories! ….and then what happened? Oh. Life.

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